The N2U 2013 Nominoichi

I have a couple of questions for you: Do you have any anime discs or manga that you liked watching/reading once or twice, but are now just taking up space? How about merchandise which you bought for an anime you don't like as much as you once did? A lot of us do; these things happen.

Another question: Would you like to be able to make back the money you spent on your N2U 2013 pass, and maybe even make a nice bit of profit? Well, that was a loud and positive response.

There is a way that you can try to do this (we can't make any guarantees): The N2U 2013 Nominoichi. For a few hours on Saturday, you can lay out the media and merch that is currently gathering dust at your place on a table and sell it to fellow attendees who will gladly give it a new home. You can also buy stuff from other sellers there; that's up to you. We recommend that you have someone you trust watch your own table while you do this, though.

It's a garage sale without the garage. A flea market without the fleas. A Tsukiji fish market, only with anime stuff instead of fish! It is a chance for anime fans like you to buy and sell stuff to each other.

The Nominoichi will be held on Saturday, November 2nd, 2013, in the foyer of the Centennial Ballroom at the Travelodge, during N2U 2013, will start at about 1:30 PM and finish at about 3:30 PM. Now that you have the general idea, please read all of this, especially if you want to sell stuff at it.


What in Haruhi Suzumiya's name is a “nominoichi”? Pronounced “know me know ii' chii,” in Japanese, it literally translates as “flea market.” We kid you not; look it up.

So who will be selling there? Regular N2U 2013 attendees. People who bought a weekend badge, or even a one-day badge. There might be some staff and volunteers there, too.

Selling what, exactly? Anime stuff. This includes, but is not limited to, DVDs, Blu-Rays, art books, manga and CDs.

Can I sell stuff like this in the Artist Alley? No, sorry. They have rules against that sort of thing.

What else can I sell at the Nominoichi? To be clear: The Nominoichi is for the sale of licenced anime merchandise of all types. Both new and used items of anime media and merchandise are acceptable. The Nominoichi is not a part of the Artist Alley, and the Artist Alley is not a part of the Nominoichi, therefore, homemade arts and crafts are not suitable for the Nominoichi. Contact Artist Alley about selling those.

Does it have to be English-translated stuff? No, it doesn't. We will allow manga and doujinshi in Japanese, French or other languages. A lot of anime titles are not technically licenced in North America, but we will allow the sale of legitimate/official materials from them. However, if you want to sell anything else that is NOT a licensed anime product, you must E-mail us and let us know what it is.

Is it all used stuff? Most of it is. However, if you have some new and sealed legit anime things you also want to sell, that's perfectly fine.

So is it all anime stuff? Yes. “Anime stuff” can be a bit hard to define sometimes, but our discretion will apply. If someone is selling something non-anime, we will ask them to remove it. If you want to sell something and are not sure if it is "anime enough," please E-mail us at and ask first.

What will not be there? Bootlegs and fansubs. Yes, this includes music CDs from Son May, Miya, Smiley and other Hong Kong pirate labels. Weapons or props with metal blades are also not allowed. Anybody who sets out any of these things out will be asked to put them away or to vacate their table, and their table fee will not be refunded.

How much stuff will be there? That all depends on what people bring, and how many people bring stuff. We will have 15 (fifteen) tables for N2U 2013.

How much will the stuff cost? That is up to the individual sellers to decide, since it is theirs to sell. However, if you're nice and you and the seller are willing to negotiate, perhaps you can get a bargain.


1. If you want to sell at the Nominoichi, E-mail and reserve a table. Your Subject Line for this E-mail must be: Nominoichi Table Reservation. At the start of the body of your E-mail, you need to write your full, real name—first and last. That's all. If you want to write more, like what you plan to bring to sell or any questions not covered here, feel free. However, if you don't include that Subject Line or your full, real name, then you will lose your place to someone else who did. Space is limited and, when all the tables are claimed, a small stand-by list will made.

2. There is no deadline for applying for a table (although the coordinator won't have much access to the internet on the weekend of N2U 2013). However, if any of the 15 tables are still unoccupied by the time of the Nominoichi set-up, any attendees who wish to rent a table to sell their anime stuff can speak with Nominoichi coordinator Dave Watson on-site.

3. You will be instructed where to wait with your stuff. Once the area is ready, you will be called in. If you are not right there and ready with your stuff when your name is called, then you will get bumped, and someone from the stand-by list will take your place.

4. At the Nominoichi set-up, sellers will pay the coordinator a fee of $20.00 per table. Cash only, please. He will also need to see your N2U 2013 pass.

5. At about 1:30pm (maybe sooner, depending on when all the sellers will be ready for business; that's a good reason to get everything ready at home), the area will open to the public, so be ready. At about 3:30pm, the Nomonoichi will close, and you will have until 4:00pm to pack up, clean up and then vacate the area in order to allow us to set up for the next scheduled event.


How big are the tables? Six feet long by three feet wide (6' x 3'), or approximately 1m by 2m.

How many chairs do we get? Two (2) per table.

Can more than one person form a group to get one table to sell anime stuff? Yes. We don't really mind if two or more of you (within reason) want to group together and share a table, but the sooner that the designated seller (that is, the one in the group who will be dealing directly with the coordinator) can let us know who will joining them—preferably before November 1st—the better for everybody involved. Do not try to work out this sort of thing with other people on site at the Nominoichi during set-up.

If I am part of a group of sellers, do we each pay $20.00? No. The fee is $20.00 per table, not per seller.

Can I request more then one table? No. Sorry.

But what if I am group contact for, like, 30 people? Still no, and that would be far too many people for a group anyway. Please try to keep it to the low single digits.

I really wanted an Artist Alley table, but I did not get one this year. Can I sell my homemade arts and crafts at the Nominoichi? This has already been covered in the General FAQ. Sorry, but no.

Can I sell 18+ items? Yes, you can. HOWEVER, you must make sure that all items are presented in a PG way. By law, YOU must also ID anyone buying 18+ items to make sure they are 18+.


Do plan on doing it by yourself or with your friends. Do not ask our staff/volunteers to help you move your stuff, set it up, or take it down.

Do bring all that you need. Do not ask the coordinator, N2U staff/volunteers or the seller next to you for tape, markers, stickers etc. to make price tags or signs. You really should do all that at home before you pack it up.

Do bring lots of change and small bills. Do not ask the coordinator, N2U staff/volunteers or the seller next to you to help you break a twenty.

Do have an exit plan. Do not ask the coordinator, N2U staff/volunteers or the seller next to you to watch your stuff if you have to go to the washroom or want to have a quick look around the other tables before it opens to the attendees. This is where asking a trusted friend to run the table with you comes in handy.

Do keep an eye on your stuff. Do not expect N2U Security or other staff/volunteers to protect it for you.

Finally, try to keep things priced at whole dollars. Forget $1.50; make it $1 or $2. This is not a rule, so nobody will crack down on you if you don't charge whole dollar amounts for your stuff, but it is good advice.

If you have any questions, or if you want any further information, please inquire at

Thank you for reading all of this. We wish more people would do that for things like this.

In The Name Of The Moon, You shall Come To N2U!!!

We have a few sailor scouts some guy in a tux with a mask and the director of it all....
Can you guess who we have for this years guests? Find out if you are right on our guests page.

Panels & Workshops

Paneling and/or Workshopping at an anime convention can be a rewarding and enriching experience allowing you to share your love of a subject to a large audience of engaged and active members of the fandom.

For those of you uncertain on the difference between a panel and a workshop:

A panel is you (and maybe some friends) in a conference room sharing your love of a subject/educating others on a subject you are familiar with. Sometimes with slides or music/videos shown

A workshop is you (and again maybe some friends) in a conference room educating people about something, in a hands on fashion, some examples include table top gaming, textile work (Sewing, armor making etc), and plastic modelling.

Panels and workshops are actually only 50 minutes or 1 hour and 50 minutes, so you need to be done 10 minutes early (to allow the next set of panelists to move around, set up, etc). Try to arrive a little in advance before the official starting time in order to properly set up and prepare yourself, and wrap up the conversation on time to get out of the way for the next panelists. Also please remember that if you start late, it DOES NOT mean that you can end late! Please be fair to the next group using the room.

N2U Panels and Workshops has a rebate policy in place. If an individual does 3 hr’s worth of Panels/Workshops (In any combination) their regular convention pass is fully refunded ($35). If an individual does 5 hr’s worth of Panels/Workshops (In any combination) their VIP convention pass is fully refunded ($50). (Please note that it is the preregistration amounts only)

 Anyone interested in doing a panel/workshop is asked to fill out the form below and submit it to . If you plan on doing more than one panel/workshop please send it in one email with multiple forms for ease of reading.

Form below should be filled out and sent to

Panel Form 2013


Here is an example how the model should be filled out:

Subject line: 1 Panel Submission


NAME: Lin McShane


PANEL/WORKSHOP NAME: Yaoi Boys Love (Formally Yaoi 201)

DESCRIPTION(Please give at least a 2 sentence description):  Tired of learning the same stuff about yaoi at every con? Come check out this panel to get insight on good manga + dojins to read, good anime to watch + awesome fanfic to read. This panel is not for the faint of heart


PANELISTS (if applicable):

PANELS I HAVE DONE (What and Where): Yaoi panel at G-anime, Yaoi 201 & For the Love of Naruto both at N2U and Manga 101 and Anime 101 both at Ottawa Comiccon.

A/V Requirements: Projector and speakers

Preferred time slot: LATE NIGHT*

Preferred time duration: 2hr

Events/Other Plans(List any other events such as meet-ups or photo shoots that I should be aware of for scheduling purposes): I am volunteering for the Masquerade so I need time to help set up and take down and when my other panels are taking place and not during Ragnar’s Shibari panel.


Please don’t deviate from the model as I may not understand otherwise what you need. Thanks!!!

We Are Giving Away A $500.00 Gift Card From Fabricland!!!

All you got to do is win the grand prize spot in our Masquerade this year.

Sew are you up to the challenge?



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